Town of Nags Head Drainage Assessment

Over the past year, the Old Nags Head Place (ONHP) HOA Board of Directors
(BOD) has been working with the Town of Nags Head representatives to address and mitigate the frequent and persistent storm water flooding problem in our community. The Town recently sent their ONHP Subdivision Drainage Assessment Report which is now posted on the ONHP website. The BOD is recommending all home owners read the report to understand the potential mitigation plans for their specific properties. Please note that all home owners with culverts under their driveways (adjacent the roadway) will be asked to REMOVE all landscape plants, rocks and other impediments from the openings to these culverts. These culverts are located along the Town or public “Right of Way” as referenced in the Nags Head Town Code – Section 11.12 (see code specifics on page 3 of the Drainage Assessment report). It is extremely important that an unobstructed flow be maintained along the entire drainage infrastructure to facilitate drainage of water out of the community. Also, as called out in the report, some properties in the community do not have culverts or have culverts that are either damaged or at the incorrect elevation. The BOD has recently sent a letter to the town with recommendations on how to address the latter issues. Further information on this issue will be provided by the BOD to all home owners via an upcoming newsletter mailing.

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